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A Party that changed the Lawyer's Life...

Ball Room

Grand night party is going in the four star hotel's room. Mr. Menon, a lawyer by profession and the host of the party, is busy in celebrating victory of his case. A belle dance is going on and each and every guest in a party is enjoying the party. After a dance performance arranged by the lawyer, he start sharing his thoughts and experiences of many cases that he has won. Everybody is enjoying his experience but there is one person who is just listening to him, concentrating to each and every word coming out of the lawyer’s mouth. His concentration level is so high that he even doesn’t realize when the lawyer finished his speech, until one of the waiter offered him d dinner. He, Mr. Junaid is a billionaire, MD, InfoComp Pvt. Ltd..

Suddenly, after listening to the lawyer’s speech, Mr. Junaid is forced to come up with a new thought:
Which is better Capital Punishment or Lifetime Imprisonment???

Mr. Junaid approach to the lawyer, "Hello! Mr. Menon. Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, Mr. Junaid.", Lawyer replied. 
And they started discussing about both the punishments. 
In the end, Mr. Junaid said, "With due respect, according to me, Capital Punishment is better than the Lifetime Imprisonment because a person dies instantly and don’t need to live a painful life for 14 years." 
Instantly, Lawyer replied, "Oh really, No. Lifetime Imprisonment is better because a person will not loose his life and have chances to live better life thereafter."

This conversion results in a bet in between them.
Mr. Junaid, MD, InfoComp Pvt. Ltd., "Fine Mr. Menon. If you spend 14 years in a closed room with just one small window, then after 14 years, I'll give you 100 million rupees as a gift. But there are some conditions. 
First, you will stay alone in a room, of course, but you cannot meet or contact even a single person for 14 years.
Second, I'll provide you whatever you need, anytime. Whether food, water, books, novels, bla bla bla...whatever you want but not the Newspaper, TV or Radio or any other thing that gives information about the outer world.
Third, If at anytime even on the last day of your imprisonment, you break any of the condition then immediately, you'll loose the bet."

Mr. Menon, the lawyer accepts the bet keeping in mind the amount of money offered i.e. 100 million rupees.

Then they both signs the agreement and the lawyer gets a week’s time to live his life with the outside world. In the mean time, Mr. Junaid started arranging a room/prison for Mr. Menon little away from the city. 

After one week, the lawyer was sent to the prison and the billionaire wishes him good luck for the next 14 years of his life.

Punish Room

"Hello once again Mr. Menon. Ready for 100 million?", Mr. Junaid asked.
Mr. Menon,"Yes, leave me alone, Mr. Junaid."
"I'm Impressed", Mr, Junaid said and wish him all the best and locked the room.

This prison is having a single low raised gate which looks like a wall itself and there is one little window for ventilation purpose. He was only allowed to write the letter for his demands from the prison that he can give it to the security officer sitting outside the room. The officer is not allowed to talk to him, he can just take the letter from the lawyer which the lawyer can pass on to him from below the gate.

In the beginning, Mr. Menon finds it very difficult to live in. He starting cursing himself of his decision. He shouts, hit him selves against the walls but no one listen to him. This painful life he lived for 2 years. In the 3rd year he starts thinking about the life, praying god. 
On the daily basis, the lawyer wake up at 4'o clock in the morning, worship god, meditate for four hours. Eats his breakfast@8. Then again pray to the god for the rest of the day. He sleeps@9 in the night to get 7 hours of needed sleep.
Mr. Menon follow this for almost 11 months. From the end of the third year, he starts demanding books on science, technology, literature, history, wildlife, sports, religion, etc.. He spend most of his time in reading and understanding the information from these books. He started gaining knowledge to understand the world and the life through Vedas, Granths, Bible, Kuran, Jinvani among others.
In this process of understanding the life and increasing his knowledge,12 years passed. 
During the span of this period he lived his life to full extent. 
He traveled each and every corner of the world through books.
He played each and every sport, he lived with the nature, trees, flowers and came to know about the different species that exist somewhere in the world, lived with them and enjoyed each and every moment that he wants to live and the moment that he does not wants to live with. 
Mr. Menon experienced ups and downs in his life through the stories being told in the books he read.
He also heard the birds chirping, felt breeze of cold and fresh air, fragrance of flowers, foul smell of trash, song of the river, deep oceans, everything that exists in this world..... All through his thoughts.
He enjoyed to the full extent as well as experienced the worst conditions. 
He lived the life of a billionaire and poorest man as well.
Now, after 12 years, the lawyer started thinking about the main purpose of life.

On the other side, during the period of 12 years, Mr. Junaid, MD, InfoComp Pvt. Ltd. spend his life in gaining more and more money, materialistic things of the world. Everyday he tries to manipulate things and situations, deals with different kind of people, lie, run, spend sleepless nights, etc.. In order to earn more and more he also got stuck in some bad deals, he start losing his business in casinos, betting’s and such other kind of nuances. He is now not left with so much money with him that he has promised to pay to the lawyer upon winning the bet. Now in the 13th year of the betting period, Mr. Junaid is no more the MD of InfoComp Pvt. Ltd..
As the time is passing and is coming nearer to the 14th year, his tension is increasing day by day. As a result his mind is coming up with different ideas of how to get rid off this bet. But he is confident that the lawyer will not be able to live for entire 14 years. 
But when there is just one month left in the completion of 14th year, he set up his mind and came up with a decision to kill the lawyer on the last night of his lifetime imprisonment because he don’t have money to pay him.
But from the last 2 years there is no demand of any kind from the lawyer, so he thought to go once to his room and would like to see him, whether he is alive or not. 
From the gate's specially designed window to which only Mr. Junaid has the access. He is able to watch a man with long white beard in old white turned brownish kurta pajama/dress, sleeping on the floor and comes back to home.
On the last night i.e. Last day to complete of 14th year; Mr. Junaid finally decided to approach towards the room of the lawyer Mr. Menon, in order to kill him.

Stormy Night
Light in the sky.
It's raining heavily. No power, everything is in the dark.
Mr. Junaid opens the door of the room. He can only see the lit candle on the table. He is not able to locate the lawyer. Suddenly, he see the only window that is meant for the ventilation is broken. He instantly picked up the candle and look for the lawyer in the room. But what he find is just a letter.
Letter with his name written over it. 
Mr. Junaid read that letter and went back to his house, keeps the letter in his locker, sits on the table and starts crying.
What's written in that letter of Mr. Menon, the lawyer addressing Mr. Junaid, MD, InfoComp Pvt. Ltd., who is no longer a billionaire???

Here it is.....
The letter reads:

Thank You! Mr. Junaid.
MD, InfoComp Pvt. Ltd 

I appreciate the moment when we met in a party and we had a bet. If you'd not offered me money in return of lifetime imprisonment, then I might not feel like the happiest man that I am feeling right now. It’s just because of you that I now understand the real meaning of life. During the span of 14 years of loneliness, I travelled the whole world.
I lived a life of a baby to an old man.
I wonder how this world has such diversifications within itself. 
Now, I know that this world is full of materialistic things but my soul do not require these things, it only requires peace and harmony. Death is the ultimate Truth of the life. One who takes birth will have to die. Nothing belongs to a person, no one own's any thing. It's only the soul which is pure and remains always.
So today on the last day, when 14 years are going to complete, I am leaving away breaking the bet. You keep your money with you. I am not interested in your money anymore. I am breaking the bet and don’t try to search for me because I am leaving this world.....

In the search of Purity.
In the search of God.
In the search of True Me.

Thanks for the real life.

All the best.

Your Friend


  1. This is so well written... such an inspirational post!
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. Thanks!
      Hope who so ever reads it, will definitely think of living the life with good deeds and simplicity sooner or later I his or her life...
      Nothing is permanent In this life not even the 'life'...